The Pelvic Health Clinic offers services in physical therapy, sexual health education and consultation, and somatic bodywork and education.


Common Conditions Treated:

What To Expect At Your Appointment:

  • Every Evaluation Will Include:

  • Review of your past medical history, pertinent history related to your concern, and your goals for treatment

  • Functional movement screen which may include such aspects as walking, squatting, or looking at the range of motion of different joints of the body

  • Education on aspects related to your concern and your care, examples include education on anatomy, posture, movement, sexual health, etc.

  • Other Common Evaluation Tools (not performed at every evaluation or treatment session):

  • Manual exam of the external or internal pelvic floor to assess for overly tight muscles, inability to recruit the appropriate muscles, etc.

  • Discussion on factors that may be influencing your particular concern such as social, psychological, or behavioral

  • Measurements of blood pressure, respiration rate, or heart rate

  • Neurological screening to rule out other potential areas of concern

  • What To Expect With Treatment (not performed at every evaluation or treatment session):

  • Manual therapies of massage, trigger point/myofascial release, muscle isolation or recruitment, stretching

  • Education, movement exercises, or written exercises

  • Biofeedback to illustrate muscle recruitment and utilization

  • Therapeutic principles such as cognitive behavioral therapy, journaling, questionnaires, or talk therapy

  • Somatic bodywork including scar tissue remediation, visceral release, or body mapping